UC San Diego 2012
B.S. Physiology & Neuroscience
B.A. Philosophy (Area of Emphasis in Science, Technology, and Medicine)
Homestead High School 2008

D Brang, Z Taich, SA Hillyard, VS Ramachandran. Parietal lobe connectivity underlies multisensory integration. (Submitted)
D Brang, Z Taich, SA Hillyard, VS Ramachandran. Enhanced multisensory integration relates to increased parietal white matter connectivity . (slide session at 2012 Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting)
D Brang, Z Taich, SA Hillyard, VS Ramachandran. Task dependent anatomical connections underlie multisensory processing. (Abstract at 2012 International Multisensory Research Forum)
Z Taich (2012). Quality of Life: Defining, Bringing into the Realm of the Scientific, Measuring, and Using It. Intuitions Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy (IX). UC San Diego.
(available upon request)

Research with Dr. Clark Chen, MD, PhD, UCSD Neurosurgery 2011-Present
Assist Dr. Chen in research regarding outcomes from Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Whole Brain Radiation Therapy, and Hippocampal -Sparing Whole Brain Radiation Therapy, with a special emphasis on identifying effects on neurocognitive function. In addition, assist with a collaboration with Drs. Anders Dale and Carrie McDonald at the Multimodal Imaging Laboratory (UCSD) on probabilistic tractography in edema.
Center for Brain and Cognition, Psychology Department, UCSD2009-Present
Research Assistant
Assist and conduct research under Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran. Besides laboratory administrative tasks such as surveying classes, contacting subjects of interest, submitting IRB proposals, and designing/running the laboratory website, I have garnered and used a number of technical skills in the following areas:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
In order to assist with a number of studies which look at individual correlations between anatomical differences (Gray matter thickness and density, white matter coherence [from DTI]) and various conditions and perceptual traits, I have become certified as a MRI operator with the Radiology Imaging Laboratory, UCSD Department of Radiology. In addition, I have garnered experience in analyzing and manipulating MRI and DTI data using FSL, Freesurfer, ANTS, mrVISTA, and Tracula.
Electrophysiology and Magnetophysiology
I have gained significant experience collecting, processing, and analyzing data from electroencephalographic (EEG) and magnetoencephalographic (MEG) experiments. Certified operator of the Elekta Neuromag Magnetoencephalograph at the Radiology Imaging Laboratory, UCSD Department of Radiology. For a recent study on perception during Hypnagogia, developed software for delivering auditory stimuli while also performing online analysis of EEG waveforms to quantify relative alpha and theta activity.
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
I have had the unique opportunity to set up and use a TMS unit in order to produce motor evoked potentials (MEPs) in subjects. In conjunction with this I have developed electronics and software for synchronizing TMS pulses with peripheral nerve stimulation using Matlab, LabJack Data Acquisition Devices, and a proprietary peripheral nerve stimulator (PNS) of my own design.
Designing, implementing, and running behavioral experiments relating to visual processing, synesthesia, sensory referral, and more. Collecting and analyzing data using Excel and Matlab.
Brain and Cognition Lab, Cognitive Science Department, UCSD 2009-2010
Research Assistant
Assist and conduct research under David Brang and Dr . Seana Coulson. Primarily, I have assisted with running subjects in electrophysiological studies and with processing the EEG data in order to produce event-related potentials (ERPs).

Advanced Proficiency with:

Programming Environments:
(Able to learn and use other languages as necessary)

Web Development

Chancellor’s Interdisciplinary Collaboratories Funding 2011 & 2012
Undergraduate Funding
Received a $7500 fellowship (and had it renewed for a second year) relating to a collaboratory project involving Dr. Steve A Hillyard (UCSD Neuroscience), Dr. Mingxiong Huang (UCSD Radiology), Dr. Karen Dobkins (Psychology), Dr. Vilayanur S Ramachandran (Psychology, Neuroscience), David Brang, Katie Wagner, and Jennifer Padwal. The study aims to study anatomical and functional multisensory integration in individuals, with a focus on age-related changes. Along with acting as the sole MRI operator for the battery of experiments, I have taken a leadership role in organizing subjects and experimenters and I have maintained a strong, intellectually important presence through every step of the project—from proposal to experimental design to data analysis and finally to paper writing and editing.
Malcolm R. Stacey Memorial Scholarship 2011-2012
Received a $500 scholarship for Jewish students at UC San Diego with high academic standing.

Law Offices of Besson & Yarbrough 2008-2009
Project Manager, Client Files
Designed and used a workflow which included reviewing files with attorneys, scanning important operational documents, corresponding with clients, and designing a new off -site storage organizational system. Answered phones, created documents to explain workflows created, and assisted with various office tasks.
Pro-Tec Data 2008
Marketing Assistant
Created, designed, and wrote documents and spreadsheets using a mixture of raw data and new material for marketing and tracking past IPTips Information Protection Bulletins.
Score! Educational Centers, Los Altos 2007
Advantage Program Coach
Tutored children ages 5-13 enrolled in the computer-based learning course on skills including reading, math, and writing. Assisted with office tasks.

UCSD Pepband 2008-Present
Active member of the UCSD Pep Band, playing Tuba at sporting events as well as at university and community functions. In addition, served as Treasurer and on the Officer Committee of the organization from Fall 2009 until Fall 2011.
Eagle Scout Rank, Boy Scouts of America 2007
Achieved the highest rank in the Boy Scouts organization. Created historic trail in Almaden Quicksilver County. Eagle project featured in cover story in Mercury News Eye section. Awarded special recognition by both the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and the Santa Clara County Parks.

References are available upon request.