My main research interest is cross-modal interaction in human perception: how does information in one sensory modality influence our perception of information in other modalities? In particular, I study people with synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon in which senses interact counterfactually.

For example, when grapheme-color synesthetes look at a black-and-white letter printed on a page, they perceive the letter as having a consistent color. By comparing grapheme-color associations between letters, between synesthetes, and between groups of synesthetes in different countries, we can determine which cross-modal associations are universal, which are influenced by cultural or linguistic factors, and which are unique to an individual.

I am also interested in conscious awareness and unconscious processing. I use visual masking techniques to study the extent to which our brains can process information without conscious awareness. In particular, I study the degree to which stimulus properties, masking properties, and individual differences interact to determine whether stimuli can be processed consciously or unconsciously.