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Journal Articles:

  1. Root NB, Rouw R, Asano M, Kim CY, Melero H, Yokosawa K, Ramachandran VS (In Press). Why is the synesthete's "A" red? Using a five-language dataset to disentangle the effects of shape, sound, semantics, and ordinality on inducer-concurrent relationships in grapheme-color synesthesia. Cortex.
  2. Carpenter CW*, Dhong C*, Root NB*, Rodriquez D, Abdo E, Skelil K, Alkhadra MA, Ramierz J, Ramachandran VS, Lipomi DJ (2017). Human ability to discriminate surface chemistry by touch. Materials Horizons, doi: 10.1039/C7MH00800G
  3. Root NB, Case L, Burrus CJ, Ramachandran VS (2015). External allocentric self-representations improve self-awareness in a child with autism. Neurocase, 21:206-10, doi:10.1080/13554794.2014.888455

* Authors contributed equally

Invited Presentations:

  1. Root N, Rouw R, Asano M, Kim CY, Melero H, Yokosawa K, Ramachandran VS (2017). The Promise of Multi-Language Synesthesia Datasets. Presented at the 1st annual meeting of the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists; Los Angeles, CA.

Conference Abstracts:

  1. Root N, Ramachandran VS (2017). Modeling a nonlinear functional hierarchy of unconscious processing: a directed graph framework. [Abstract]. European Conference on Visual Perception, 40th Annual Meeting; Berlin, Germany
  2. Root N, Rasheed A, Ramachandran VS (2016). Individual Differences in Unconscious Processing Capacity [Abstract]. Society for Neuroscience, 46th Annual Meeting; San Diego, CA.
  3. Root N, Ramachandran VS (2015). Mappings between acoustic properties and visual experience in a timbre-to-signt synesthete [Abstract]. Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, 19th Annual Meeting; Paris, France
  4. Root N, Baron K, Shah Z, Ramachandran VS (2014). Phobic Responses to Masked Stimuli: A Dissociation Between Phylogenetic and Ontogenetic Phobias [Abstract]. Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 21st Annual Meeting; Boston, MA
  5. Root NB, Goharzad A, Ramachandran VS (2013). Illusory Alignment Across the Blind Spot Distorts Perception of Nearby Space [Abstract]. Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 20th Annual Meeting; San Francisco, CA.
  6. Root N, Case L, Ramachandran VS (2012). Heightened skin conductance response to animate, arousing visual stimuli rendered unconscious using interocular suppression [Abstract]. Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 19th Annual Meeting; Chicago, IL.
  7. Reavis EA, Root N, Kohler P, Tse P (2010) Idiosyncratic spatial inhomogeneities in breakthrough to consciousness of suppressed visual stimuli [Abstract]. Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, 14th annual meeting; Toronto, Canada.