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Journal Articles:

1. Root NB, Cask LK, Ramachandran VS (In Preparation). Visually suppressed phobic images evoke increased skin conductance response for phylogenetic but not ontogenetic phobias.

2. Root NB, Case L, Burrus CJ, Ramachandran VS (2015). External allocentric self-representations improve self-awareness in a child with autism. Neurocase, 21:206-10 doi:10.1080/13554794.2014.888455

Conference Abstracts:

1. Root N, Ramachandran VS (2015). Mappings between acoustic properties and visual experience in a timbre-to-signt synesthete [Abstract]. Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, 19th Annual Meeting; Paris, France

2. Root N, Baron K, Shah Z, Ramachandran VS (2014). Phobic Responses to Masked Stimuli: A Dissociation Between Phylogenetic and Ontogenetic Phobias [Abstract]. Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 21st Annual Meeting; Boston, MA

3. Root NB, Goharzad A, Ramachandran VS (2013). Illusory Alignment Across the Blind Spot Distorts Perception of Nearby Space [Abstract]. Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 20th Annual Meeting; San Francisco, CA.

4. Root N, Case L, Ramachandran VS (2012). Heightened skin conductance response to animate, arousing visual stimuli rendered unconscious using interocular suppression [Abstract]. Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 19th Annual Meeting; Chicago, IL.

5. Reavis EA, Root N, Kohler P, Tse P (2010) Idiosyncratic spatial inhomogeneities in breakthrough to consciousness of suppressed visual stimuli [Abstract]. Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, 14th annual meeting; Toronto, Canada.